How much weight am I going to lose after surgery?

After surgery, doctors will take their bearings based on percentages relating to the loss of excess body weight.

Let us first clarify what is meant by the % loss of excess body weight. Any human being has an ideal body weight, – it depends on the sex, age and height of the patient. Such data can easily be found in a special spreadsheet (1999 METROPOLITAN HEIGHT AND WEIGHT TABLES). For example: a 160 cm tall woman of a normal body type weighs 125 kg. Her ideal weight, according to the tables, is approximately 57 kg. Hence, her excess body weight amounts to: 125 kg (her actual weight) – 57 kg (her ideal weight) = 68 kg

Here you can calculate how much weight you will lose after the operation.

Each operation has its own coefficient.

After the insertion of intragastric balloon, the average loss of excess body weight is 20%.
On gastric banding, the loss amounts to 45-50%.
On longitudinal gastrectomy, the loss is ranging at 55-60%.
On gastric bypass  – 60-65%.
Thus, if she would make up her mind on a longitudinal gastrectomy operation, she would lose 55% -60% out of 68 kg, i.e. about 40 kg.

These are average figures which can vary depending on several factors. Failure to observe nutritional recommendations after surgery will probably prevent the patient from reaching the targeted weight. On the other hand, if the patient fully adheres to a lifestyle modification program after surgery, s/he can attain even more valuable loss of body weight than initially targeted.