Before and after bariatric surgery

On going through a bariatric surgical operation, we are only half way there. The hardest part begins after the surgery.

The postoperative period is indeed the right time for us to focus on our highly set goal. Surgery is only an adjuvant here. It will not work fairyland wonders on you; it can only put you on the right path. The more accurate and careful you will be in pursuing that path, the more likely it will be to take you to your cherished dream of a slim waist.
Your doctor’s orders will be made with good reason, and failure to comply with them can lead to significant complications. It is important to understand that even the most complex operation cannot provide a 100% guarantee of obtaining a perfect result. There are two possibilities here.

First – failure to reach the targeted weight: you have lost, for example, 30 kg, and the slimming process has come to a halt.

Important questions

How to prepare for bariatric surgery
Meals after bariatric surgery
Do I need to take additional medications after surgery
Should I continue taking the pills taken before surgery
Psychological support before and after surgery
Do I need to engage in physical activity

Each individual operation will entail its own specific rules and recommendations. It is advisable to read them before the proposed operation and address all relevant questions to the doctor. In addition, you should make a realistic assessment of your ability to comply with such rules.

Herein below are the rules of behavior to be observed after the most common bariatric operations.

After sleeve gastrectomy

After gastric bypass

Psychological support to obese patients

Second – regaining the lost weight: after 1.5 – 2 years you start to gain the lost weight again.
According to studies, regaining weight after bariatric surgery is most frequently met with in patients who have not visited their doctor after the operation and, consequently, have not complied with doctor’s orders.