Sleeve gastectomy

The price for the longitudinal gastrectomy -140,000 rubles. 

Longitudinal gastrectomy is one of the most widely accepted bariatric operations today. It has superseded to a considerable degree the gastric banding surgery. This is due to the fact that it provides a more comfortable diet for the patient, and yields more stable and effective results.

The essentials of this operation are as follows.

Special laparoscopic staplers are used to carry out the removal (resection) of a major part of the stomach in longitudinal direction. The stomach is thereby shaped into a narrow uniform tube. As a result, the amount of food consumed is limited (to 100 ml), which leads to a reduction of surplus weight by 50% (on average). This operation can therefore be used as an independent method of treatment or as the first stage of Biliopancreatic diversion.


Indications for longitudinal gastrectomy

Longitudinal gastrectomy can be performed in obese patients with a body mass index in excess of 35 kg / m2. This operation is performed often as the first stage of surgical treatment in patients with severe obesity (BMI greater than 55 kg / m2), because of the high anesthesiologic risk.

Contraindications to performing longitudinal gastrectomy

  • Pathology of the esophagus, stomach, hepatobiliary zone: pronounced esophagitis, esophageal varices, against the background of portal hypertension, liver cirrhosis, peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer, chronic pancreatitis.
  • Pronounced pathology of the cardio-vascular system. This contraindication is to a large extent associated with the risks of applying anesthesia.
  • Pregnancy
  • Chronic alcoholism and mental disorders.
  • Intake of steroid hormones.

Longitudinal gastrectomy should be performed with caution in patients with a “sweet tooth” syndrome (eating large quantities of chocolate, ice cream, cakes, milkshakes and other easily assimilated carbohydrates. This contraindication ensues from the fact that the operation in such cases can be inefficient.

Diet after longitudinal gastrectomy

Diet after this type of surgery is of paramount importance. Non-observance of doctor’s orders in the first 2-3 weeks after surgery can lead to grave complications for the patient. You are therefore strongly urged to adhere to the assigned diet, and in the event of any problems forthwith contact your doctor.
During the first week the patient should take only liquid nourishment, water, fat-free chicken soup, skimmed milk, protein cocktails. Drinking should be by small mouthfuls, not more than 25 ml at a time, at 4-5 minute intervals.
Fatty broth, juices with pieces of fruit, and carbonated drinks should be avoided.

From second to fourth week (up to 1 month), the patient should eat mashed food. For example: blender pureed chicken, turkey, whitefish fillet, fruits and vegetables, yogurt. It is also necessary to drink water or thin tea.

You should always avoid: sinewy meat, vegetables containing rigid cellular tissue, thick-skinned fruits and vegetables. After one month, you can switch to soft foods, boiled vegetables, stews, baked fish.